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Below is a list of the formal training I've taken in the last 10 years.  Much of it is focused on Management and Leadership, but I have also acquired some skills training in more "nuts and bolts" areas, as well.

All classes except those in the Corporate Culture & Governance section are instructor-led.

  Management and Leadership:
  1. Strategic Analysis For Leaders
  2. The Expert Coach
  3. Business Strategy Workshop
  4. Developing Technical Contributors
  5. Russia Leadership Forums
  6. Strategy From The Middle (Middle Mgmt)
  7. Leading From The Middle
  8. Business Acumen Series
  9. Situational Leadership
  10. Team Development
  11. Stakeholder Management
  12. Effective Performance Mgmt
  13. Planning At Intel
  14. Finance At Intel
  15. Managing Thru People
  16. Managing At A Distance
  17. Using Management Models
  18. Employee Relations & Labor Law
Project Management:
  1. Project Leadership
  2. Managing IT Projects
  3. Agile Development Practices
Corporate Culture & Governance:
  1. Performing To Values
  2. Intro To Valuing Differences
  3. Protecting Classified Information
  4. Working In A Multicultural Organization
  5. Global Export Compliance
  6. Anti-Corruption Practices
  7. Code Of Conduct Certification
  8. Privacy Essentials
  9. Harassment Prevention
  10. Antitrust Compliance

Additional Training:
  1. Handling Press At Trade Shows
  2. Presentation Skills
  3. Language Of DISC
  4. World Class Branding At Intel
  5. Marketing Fundamentals

Process Improvement:

  1. ITIL Foundations
  2. ITIL Configuration Management
  3. Effective Meetings
  4. Constructive Confrontation