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Below are some pictures of my property on Sauvie Island.  It is 26 acres of land located at 24639 NW Oak Island Road.  The basic layout is that it is mostly lowland with two lake bottoms that are flooded each winter for the hunting season.  The Gilbert River flows (sort of) at the back end of the property and the cabin rests by Oak Island Road at the front of the property.  Hope you enjoy the shots of my second home.

The property was purchased by my dad in about 1972.  Since he grew up on Sauvie Island on a 175-acre dairy farm and duck hunted all his life, he just had to have his own place.  He and I spent hours there together driving the tractor, laying out hundreds of decoys and miles of irrigation pipe, hunting ducks in the freezing cold, and just hanging out.  We also were especially popular back at home in Portland when we brought back crates full of corn, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, and cucumbers for our neighbors.  The sentimental value of this land for me is incalculable.  This is the place I go to get away from the city and remember the good times of my youth.  I am truly blessed to own this land.

Sauvie Island Bridge.

The cabin.

Front gate.

View of property
from a high point.

Another extended
view of the property.

Upper meadow.

Main road on property.

Ditch and pump

Pond of wild rice.

Pond of wild rice.

View from lake

Gilbert River.

Gilbert River.

Coby's favorite
swimming hole.

View of neighbor's
corn crop next door.

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