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While at Intel, I led software development teams for approximately four years.  In that time, I managed in both waterfall and agile environments.  Below are more details about the different activities I either led or participated in during my role as Software Development Lead or Manager. 

I took over an ailing Remedy call tracking system program that was filled with acrimony between the development team and the primary stakeholders.  I worked extensively with the development team to rebuild trust and find ways for them to work better with frustrated customers.  I created clearer expectations, more effective communication channels, and better discipline in order to get the project on track.  As a result, we were able to release a large upgrade to the tool that fulfilled the wishes of the stakeholders and a development team that felt proud of their work.  This tool was used by several thousand Intel employees for more than five years (an eternity at Intel).  I received a Divisional Recognition Award while working in that project. 

I managed a team of 40 software developers in Russia while at Intel.  In concordance with our business partners in the U.K., we were a tight-running Agile shop.  My role was to run operations, oversee resource assignments, assure quality, and develop the team to be better Intel employees.  My main activities and achievements were the following:

  • Assigned appropriate resources to all development projects in our region.  Included C#/.Net developers, data analysts, project managers, and SAP systems analysts.

  • Built a quality program that identified and automated multiple software quality tests which reported results on a dashboard.

  • Oversaw multiple software projects that delivered applications to Intel's Sales and Marketing Group.

  • Attended hundreds of scrum meetings, multiple planning sessions, and understand in great detail unit testing, estimates, story writing, continuous integration, pair-programming, and prioritization.

I know how to lead Agile projects.  I know how to lead software developers.  And I know how to manage projects with multiple stakeholders.  I have the detailed knowledge of project management, a strong track record of project successes, and a firm belief and skill set in the Agile development methodology.