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Date Time: Location: Details:
May 31 18:45 Moscow SVO Airport Arrive in Moscow.  Stay at Hotel Izmailova.
June 1 Moscow Stay at Hotel Izmailova
June 2 23:30 Train to St.Petersburg Overnight train
June 3-7 Stay in St. Petersburg Staying with friend. 
June 8 23:30 Train to Nizhny-Novgorod Overnight train.
June 9-11   Nizhny-Novgorod Home stay June 9, 10, 11.
June 12 22:17 Train to Moscow Overnight train.
June 13 16:45 Flight to Volgograd Aeroflot flight to Volgograd. 
Arrive there at 18:30. 
June 13-16   Volgograd Stay at Intourist Hotel.
June 17 20:00 Volgograd Airport Already booked Aeroflot flight to Moscow.  Arrive there at 22:00.
June 18-22   Moscow Home stay June 18-22.
June 23 12:00 Moscow Airport Depart on Aeroflot flight to Seattle.