Rockaway Beach
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Most evey year on the 4th of July, my closest friends join together at Rockaway Beach on the Oregon Coast.  Thanks to Tammy Williams and her parents, we have a great house to stay in and we all have great food and great fun.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

The regulars in the picture include Scott, Kyle, Tammy, Jeff, Linda, Chris, Lyssa, Jennifer, Kim, and Tom.  Dan is our fine photographer.

Sunset at Rockaway Beach

Twin Rocks and Sunset
at Rockaway Beach
Rockaway Beach
Beautiful shot of
the beach
The Gang at Rockaway Beach
The gang on 4th of July.

The gang on 4th of July.
Fireworks at Rockaway Beach
Rockaway Beach
Fireworks Show


On the Beach on July 4th

Fireworks on the Beach

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