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Throughout my tenure at Intel Corporation, I ran many projects, and thus possess a strong skill set in Project Management. The job titles in my resume don't reflect these skills directly since most of my roles involved management of people and organizations.  However, while working in those jobs, I managed many projects. I've spent the last 10 years at Intel Corporation, working both in the U.S. and in Russia (I'm back in the U.S. now)  The specific project-oriented examples include:

  1. Software Development Team Ramp up - Built up a high-quality, well-performing software development team under tight deadlines and significant pressure from upper management.  Navigated through the complexity of the Russian employment environment and integrated 20 software developers into the Intel culture quickly.
  2. Project Performance - Oversaw multiple software development projects by monitoring software quality metrics and making sure the projects were being developed effectively.  Created comprehensive quality measurement system.
  3. Building Purchase - As Site Manager of the Russian location, I worked extensively with Executive Management and multiple layers of middle-management to convince Intel to make a full-scale financial investment into the site.  Ultimately, Intel spent about $20 million to purchase a building and plant the site into permanence due to my efforts (of course, many others, too).  This job took almost 3 years to complete.
  4. Marketing Center Ramp up - Built up a Marketing Center in Russia, Intel's first time to expand outside of traditional Western capitals to do their marketing.  I chaired a project team with high-level management in Europe to make it happen.
  5. Information Security - While in the U.S., I ran the Information Security Operations Team which made sure 30,000 machines across the world were protected from cyber attacks.  Before I started, the environment was completely disorganized.  I took a team of 23 people across the world and implemented a large dose of critical measures to protect our network.
  6. Asset Management - Since I ran the Security Team so successfully, I was appointed to do the same thing for Asset Management and Logistics for the same 30,000 machines.  Our environment finally became compliant within Intel once I took over and implemented the necessary measures.


Lastly, I love to run projects and have a great skill in getting alignment and results. Intel is a tough place to work and requires great attention to detail and a high level of multi-tasking. I'm confident that I can meet further challenges wherever I go. Please contact me for further discussion about Project Management opportunities.