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I have worked as a people manager since 1997.  Leading people is one of my most valued pursuits since it involves inspiring people to achieve common goals.  I have managed multiple teams throughout my career and have dedicated my life to improving my leadership and management skills through training.  See below for my experience and areas of training education within the past 12 years.

People Management:

Russia Software Development Center Manager:                                                                    (2006 - 2009)
I served as a second-level manager for a large software development team in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.  At its peak, we possessed a team of 40 Agile software developers, specializing in C#/.Net programming and data analysis.

I was sent to Russia to build up the management team so that it can succeed long after I was gone.  I trained our managers and high-potential employees in leadership and communication skills.  In the end, I left the team with a strong set of managers and team leads that could manage themselves effectively.  Trust in the team grew significantly due to my efforts.

Site Manager, Nizhny Novgorod Office                                                                                  (2005 - 2007)
As an expatriate in Russia, I was asked to serve as one of the two site managers that oversaw 500 employees in 4 offices. This did not involve managing direct reports, but rather was a matrix-managed environment consisting of approximately 20 different managers.  Our duties were to build a strong management team across multiple disciplines, create site cohesion and a professionally effective workforce, and to nurture new leaders to carry the site into the future.  Two of us ran all site committee meetings and set annual deliverables for the site to achieve.  As a result, we convinced Executive Management that the Nizhny Novgorod site was a strong, mature site worthy of investing in.  Our leaders were trusted and got results.  We were rewarded with a multi-million dollar capital investment to purchase a building and create a permanent site.

Director, Russia Marketing Center                                                                                         (2004 - 2005)
I managed a multi-functional marketing organization that was responsible for the bulk of marketing activities conducted in the former Soviet Union.  Managers reporting to me owned Technical Marketing, Channel Marketing, Distribution Finance, and Corporate Marketing teams.  I hired and managed the management team and set strategy for how the team was to be built and function.  Ultimately, I handed over the team to local Russian leadership and the team has performed extremely successfully on its own.

IT Technical Support Team Manager                                                                                      (1999 - 2004)
Managed 13 direct reports specializing in Help Desk support, desktop support, backup and restore, and logistics support.  I grew this team from 2 people and left it in 2004 as a highly-motivated and highly-recognized team.

Management and Leadership Training:

This is the summary of the most important courses and conferences I attended during my tenure at Intel Corporation:

  • Managing at Intel - a week-long, intensive course that taught the fundamentals of managing "the Intel way."  Strong emphasis on corporate culture, best known methods, teamwork, and expectations for managers.
  • Situational Leadership - A Ken Blanchard course, it teaches how managers must use different leadership styles depending on the situation and employees' current competencies.
  • Managing from the Middle - A course that teaches how to work as a middle manager, having to direct first-level managers as well as work for a Director or Divisional manager.
  • Strategy from the Middle - A course that teaches how to think beyond the typically tactical level that a first-level manager may use and be able to see and plan a long-term vision and a strategy for getting there.
  • Russia Leadership Conference - Held annually for 4 years while working in Russia. Learned team-oriented problem solving, strategy, and techniques for building up the morale and contribution of our remote site far from headquarters.
  • Managing Diversity - Built skills in leveraging the strengths of different people from different cultures, a common reality in a global corporation like Intel.