Nepali Party 2003
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        The grand finale leads into a dance with everyone...


Special thanks to so many people...

Party Contributors...
Daya Shakya
Mark Seconi
Greg Maurer
Dan Anolik
Scott and Tammy Williams
Philip and Bianca Nerenberg
Mark and Julie Wagner
Suva Shakya
- President of the Nepali Association of Oregon.
- PA system, sound, and lights.
- The keg and photographer.
- Barbecue extraordinaire and photographer.
- Banquet tables.
- Table, chairs, and volleyball set.
- Badminton set and drinks.
- Photographer.
  The Performers...
  Roji Bal Joshi Shashindra
  Bhima Shakya Laxman Kebin
  Dillu Dipa Sagar
  Sandeep Minu Sudip
  Bikram Vaidya Devi Sanjeeb
  The Donors...
  - Jeff and Linda Longueil - Matt and Molly Bordonaro
  - Greg Maurer - Dan and Chris Bush
  - Rob and Becky Cancelosi - Andy
  - Dana Molinari - Mark and Julie Wagner
  There were several people who gave me cash, so I've lost track of many of you.  Please accept my apologies for missing anyone.  Feel free to notify me that you contributed, if you wish.  Thanks!

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