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I worked in IT at Intel Corporation for 8.5 years and have built up a strong skill set that can contribute to any IT organization.  My most notable experience is working for five years as a IT technical support manager and for three years as an IT software development team manager.  Below is my direct experience as an IT technical support manager.  My software development experience can be found at the appropriate link at the left of this page.

IT Technical Support Manager:
While in that position, I was responsible for supporting design engineering groups within the company.  I managed thirteen technical support engineers and ran two different global programs that implemented a large number of information security measures at 55 sites.  I also ran a program that created a tracking system for all computing assets the organization supported globally.  In both these programs, we worked with 30,000 systems. 

Additionally, I managed a Help Desk which handled all first and second-level service requests in our region, handled all backup and restore functions, as well as ran a large portion of desktop support activities.  In my direct capacity in Oregon, my team supported 2,000 design engineers and owned the customer satisfaction and technology enablement across these groups. 

In all cases, I led many projects and infrastructure deployments that enabled our customers to develop their projects.  I owned the customer satisfaction metrics for our organization and solved multiple, complex technical problems in partnership with my staff.  I also managed the capital acquisition process, managed budgets, integrated new customers from acquisitions, and served effectively as a people manager.

As a result, I developed a smooth-running organization that got the job done.  We simplified and made efficient the customer experience, managed to rigorous performance measures, and received high marks from our customers.  I received three divisional recognition awards for my contribution to a successful software installation project, an acquisition integration, and an asset management process implementation.

Technologies Supported:

  • Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP  (desktop and server)

  • Solaris (several versions)

  • Linux (Red Hat, several versions)

  • Most Intel-based hardware (desktop and server)

  • Netbackup

  • Remedy Service Request Tracking System