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Call centers, issue management, and managing key performance indicators have been a key focus during my career.  I have worked in technical support organizations and call centers of all types. Below is listed most of the experience I have obtained over the years in these capacities.

Over time, I became a senior leader in this field, possessing skill in both the mechanics of call centers and the leadership skills to inspire a motivated team.

Mentor Graphics:
I worked in a tech support team for 3.5 years and fielded about 70 calls per day during that time.  As my experience increased, I became a lead coordinator and managed the daily indicators for the team.  I drove the team toward fulfilling our service level goals and directed resources at the right place at the right time to ensure our success.  I also worked with partners such as HP to make sure we could get appropriate on-site support for our customers located across the country.  Our team was extremely successful and was given the Chairman's Achievement Award (the largest award offered at MG at the time) because of our effectiveness.

I was also the primary liaison between the issue management system developers and the tech support team. I worked heavily in improving the interface usability and feature set in order to improve our efficiency and ability to help customers better. These improvements created a lasting effect and helped us ultimately to move to a new system.

Network Computing Devices:
I was the lead in the Customer Care Center for two years. I owned both pre-sales and customer support call center activities for the company.  Performance indicators were very immature there, so I expanded our capabilities in measuring service levels and held my team and our partner support organization to these goals. I brought a discipline and professionalism to the company which did not exist before.  I mastered the native SQL reporting capabilities in the Remedy system to create reports for higher-level management in order to highlight the enormous gaps we had in servicing our customers.  Dramatic improvements resulted from my dedication to objective, data-driven analysis.

Intel Corporation:
To expand upon my current resume, my primary job for my first five years at Intel was to run a highly efficient Help Desk.  I managed the daily indicators, created custom reports, and reported out to our customers every quarter. Our efficiency grew considerably and we expanded our support capability from a simple, first-level support offering to a more complex, robust first and second-level support team.  We did this with the same number of call center employees and budget. My ability to understand our customers' needs and to leverage the talents and abilities of my team enabled us to continuously improve our operation. We were the most efficient team in the organization and its capabilities continued long after I left.